Monday, December 26, 2011

The exhibition

Here are some more pictures of the exhibition. All the plants are live plants. Some of the plants that are not in the water are not mine. These I borrowed from the housekeeper of the building the exhibition was in. (Thank you, wonderful housekeeper!)

There are some fish in the largest of the pools. They are zebrafish, danio rerio. There are five of them. One of my hobbies is fishkeeping, and I couldn’t resist making the environment more complete. The fish were very shy, however. They had just begun to settle in by the end of the exhibition, and few people saw them. They were fat and healthy when I netted them out, however, so they can’t have been unhappy. They liked to hide inside the trunk. (Now they live in one of my tanks at home.)
I tried to take pictures of them, but they look just like long pieces of gravel.  


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