Friday, February 17, 2012

Not a Friday Critique

            Today a kiln got unloaded, and I did some trimming of bowls and cups. I don’t feel up to a structured critique, but I won’t let that stop me from sharing what came out of the kiln. 

            Two more dragon egg vases! Both were a bit of an experiment. As I mentioned last week, I am trying out different colors to see if that makes the eggs seem more magical, and hence, more dragon-y. I don’t know if it succeeded. The whitish one is a glaze called Pharsalia; the green is CNB copper. Both were fired in oxidation to cone 6, like the brown egg from last week.

            This one is nice because it is actually egg-colored. The texture of this glaze is also pleasing to the touch. I don’t know whether I like it for a dragon egg, though. I put a chartreuse underglaze in the swirls and cracks, which did not show up green at all on most of it. So it’s not as interesting a color as I’d hoped. I kind of like it anyway. I think. It’s hard to tell if I like things when they are so new out of the kiln sometimes. 

            I do like the color of this one. It’s definitely a more magical color than either the brown or white-tan. There is red iron oxide wash in the cracks and the swirls, which appears black under the glaze. I’m not so fond of the shape; it’s kind of like an upside-down egg instead of a right-side-up egg (assuming eggs have some kind of orientation in the first place).
            There were other things of mine in the kiln, but I will post about them some other day. 

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