Thursday, May 17, 2012

So what have I been doing, anyway?

            Since I haven't been very active on the blog since my road trip, I guess an update is in order. I finished college at Simon's Rock in December with a Bachelor of Arts, which was when I started this blog. Then I was living in the Berkshires for February, and making a bunch of pots at IS183. In March I moved with Mr. Riverdragon down to Virginia, where we ditched our stuff at his mom's place and we three hopped in my car and drove to Seattle. There I attended NCECA, which was awesome. And then we drove back to Virginia.
            But we didn't want to stay in Virginia for the summer. It is hot and sticky there in the summer. Instead we moved to Maine after collecting my fifteen-and-a-half year old dog from my parents, to a house with an attached barn. Perfect for a summer ceramics studio... all to myself.
            This is my pooch, in case you were wondering:

            And this is the barn:

            It's a bit messy in there, huh? But I just set up my new (used) kick wheel and I'm clearing off the tables. You can see the tree pieces from my thesis  in the second picture, and I'm thinking of setting it up there for a while, because it is more enjoyable when it's set up. Right now the moss is pretty crispy and sad.
            I'm still looking for an electric kiln, 240 volts, single phase, and cheap. The last criterion is about as important as the other two. (If anybody has an electric kiln they want to sell in Downeast Maine, let me know...)
            But I'm off to a good start. Life is pretty exciting. My dog is very old and she doesn't walk in a straight line anymore, but she has enough energy to run all the way down the hill to the shore of the Benjamin River with me and plod all the way back up every day. This morning we found an awesome piece of birch bark on the rocks:

            I'm thinking it will make a great "Open" sign for the barn door!

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