Monday, May 21, 2012

An update on the barn-studio situation

            I thought I'd do some cleaning of my barn-studio today, since the tables were still too yucky to put my nice mud (clay) on. It turns out that when you want to clean a table that has been in a barn for maybe fifteen years, you really have to clean it. Because it will be very dirty. See this gross bucket of water?

            That is the second bucket of water used to clean this table. When I showed the first bucket to Mr. Riverdragon, he indicated that if I wanted you guys to keep reading my blog, I had better not show you a picture of the first bucket of cleaning water, and that he wished he hadn't seen it either. It was pretty icky I guess. I was more focused on how nice and clean my table was getting. See? Isn't it nice now?

            I also did some very important labeling today.

            For those of you who aren't aware, cone 6 and cone 10 correspond approximately to temperatures that clay is fired to. If you fire cone 6 clay to cone 10, you can really get into trouble, because cone 10 is a lot hotter and may melt your clay into a puddle. (Firing cone 10 clay to cone 6 isn't as big a disaster. It just doesn't vitrify.) So I feel better now that I have these labels up. Now if I make something I have a safe place to put it where it will be labeled!

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