Thursday, October 25, 2012

Etsy! And a note about custom work

            The Kickstarter project was a good way for me to jump in to using the internet to get my work out into the world a little more. I have really enjoyed the whole project. One of the conclusions I have drawn from the past three months is that the internet is a good place to offer my work for sale. Many more people can find me this way, and I find myself enjoying setting up my online spaces to present my work in a way that reflects myself and my interests.
            So I have opened an online shop with Etsy! This is the link to my shop: My shelves are rather bare so far. I'm planning to add more work when the kiln gets wired up and firing. Each time I have a glaze firing, I'll put up a post about it here, and you can expect new items to show up in the Etsy shop around that time.
            I'd like to mention pricing, because my pricing for the items on Etsy will be slightly different (higher) than the pricing for similar items from the Kickstarter project. My goal for the Kickstarter was, well, to reach the goal. My goal now is to make a living, so the prices you will see in the future reflect that.
            Some things that you can expect to see in my online store in the near future are: mugs, cups, swirl bowls, small dragon sculptures like the ones I'm making for Kickstarter. Some things I'm planning to offer in the next few months are: forcing vases for bulbs, mushroom bowls/mugs, serving dishes, and whatever other interesting things come to mind. If you have suggestions for types of items you'd like to see in my Etsy shop in the next year or so, I'd love to hear them!
            While I'm on the subject of suggestions, this is where I stand currently with custom work: I will not be able to take on any more commissions for custom work this winter, as I'm rather swamped with the Kickstarter rewards. I definitely will offer custom work in the future, however! I will make an announcement here sometime in the next several months about when I will be able to offer custom work again. So if you have ideas, sit tight until spring 2013!

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