Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dragons in the snow

            It snowed all day yesterday, so today I went out and had some adventures in the snow before it melts. I took some of the dragons from my thesis and the camera, thinking I could take some awesome pictures of dragons frolicking in the snow for you.
            Well, I had great fun piling up snow into mountains and putting the dragons in carefully composed arrangements and I took lots of pictures. And then, Mr. Riverdragon said, “Can I have the camera? I wanna take pictures too!”
            So I said, “Ok, but you can only take one picture because I want to take a lot of pictures myself because they are my dragons.”
            Mr. Riverdragon took the camera and snapped a picture, and then handed the camera back to me. We went back in when our fingers got cold, and then while sipping my cocoa, I looked at the pictures.
            This is the one Mr. Riverdragon took. 

            This is the best of the ones I took.

I guess I need to learn how to take pictures of snow – or let Mr. Riverdragon do the photography! 

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