Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little on fountains

            I am still interested in making ceramic fountains. My thesis became a larger project with a different focus, but I have more fountain ideas that I have not explored yet.
            I am thinking about ways to experiment with bringing living things and water into my work. I could use the clay as the vessel to hold not just the water, but also living things.  
            The fountain that is part of my thesis is not a vessel. The stump is what the water flows over, and it is not intended to hold the water. The mushrooms themselves could be considered as small vessels, as their function is to catch and hold small puddles of water on their surfaces. I made them a little concave on the tops for this purpose. The larger vessel in this case is the pool that the stump is sitting in, which is not ceramic.
            I think the fountains I want to make in the future will be entirely ceramic. I want to start with somewhat smaller-scale objects than my thesis. The pools in the thesis are very large, as I was creating as complete an environment as possible. The fountains I am thinking of now would be smaller and more self contained – more like a slice of an environment than a chunk of an environment. I’m thinking more in terms of a tabletop object that could be placed on a pedestal.

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