Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pictures of an exhibition

            And now, the post you have all been waiting for... pictures of the show! This post is all about my work, and the next one will be all about the work of others in the exhibition. Enjoy!
            The view through the doorway: The Meeting House Gallery has two rooms that are connected to each other, one large and one small. My display is in the smaller room, but you can see it through the door.

            The view through the window-shelf: The wall between the rooms in the gallery has two windows with shelves that objects can be placed on. For this exhibition only one of them was used, and I had fun peering through it at my display.

            The next images were taken on Wednesday, before the opening, so the other sculptures in the room were not in their final positions. This is the view as you enter the room:

            And as you walk around the piece:

            A closer look:

            You might have noticed a white tag in the pictures of the stump. That is the tag for the label information so that the gallery knows what the title of the piece is and how to spell my name. I was silly and forgot to remove it for the picture - it wasn't there in the actual show, however. The real label is mounted on the pillar and looks much nicer.
            Thanks for looking!

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