Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Traveling Dragons

            Today's Traveling Dragons post does not have a picture. That is because I am too busy building pedestals and running around packing to figure out what the dragons are up to. What am I building pedestals for? My thesis is moving, again! (For more about my thesis, start with this post, and then try the other posts labeled "thesis" to get a more complete explanation.)
            I have a story to tell about my thesis. One day during the exhibition at Simon's Rock, I was feeding the fish in the large pool of my thesis. These fish were remarkably shy, and I discovered that the only way to get them to come out was to turn down the gallery lights and put out some food. So I was doing this in the evening when I thought no one would want to come look.
            And then someone walked up and said, "Hi! Is this your display?" And I said, "Yes, it is! You caught me feeding the fish, but if you're willing to stay for a few minutes, I can turn the lights up when they are done eating and then you'll be able to see it better."
            So she stayed. She read the myth on the wall, all of it. (A lot of other people who came to the exhibition did not.) She walked around all sides of the display and looked at every part of it.
            And commented, "You know, I have this gallery..."
            That lady was Elizabeth Lombardi of the Meeting House Gallery in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. (That is a town not far from Great Barrington, which is where Simon's Rock is located.) She seemed excited about my thesis, and we agreed to keep in touch, with hopes of showing my sculptures again at the Meeting House Gallery this summer.
            That time has come! The show is entitled "Sculpture on the Green," and there will be sculptures by nine artists including myself. I will be traveling down on Sunday and setting up my work on Monday, and then the opening reception and beginning of the exhibition is on June 22. The reception is from 5-7 pm.
            I am so excited that my thesis will be reaching a wider audience this summer!

            So, the details again: Sculpture on the Green at the Meeting House Gallery in New Marlborough, MA. Opening reception June 22 from 5-7 pm. Duration of the show is June 22 - July 8th; the gallery is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm.
            Website of the gallery:

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