Sunday, August 26, 2012

Halfway funded! Wheeeee!

            Tonight my Kickstarter project ( crossed the halfway mark! That is, in terms of funding - we have a bit less than half the number of days we started with to go.
            Those of you who have been following along know what that means... tomorrow I'm off to the hardware store to get fireproofing materials for the kiln location! Hooray! Look for an update both here and on Kickstarter, with pictures. While I'll be doing it in the morning, the update may not appear until afternoon since I'll be working away getting the studio ready.
            As of today, August 26th, we have 8 days left to raise $1,805. This may sound like a lot, but spread among many it is not insurmountable. Keep in mind we have already raised more than that amount! So share my project with anyone you can. Together we can make this happen.

Edited to add: Actually now it's only $1,305 that we need. Thank you, wonderful $500 backer!

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