Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tabletop fountains

            I see that three backers on my Kickstarter project have selected the $100 fountain reward. (My project can be found at: This makes me so excited! I have lots of fountain ideas, and now I have a reason to make some of them come to life! It's time to show you what I'm thinking about for these fountains. For the images below, if you want a closer look please click on the image and a larger version will appear.
            There is a traditional fountain shape I would like to make, one with tiers and several levels of pouring water:

            This sketch shows one variation of this design where I would throw the bowls and supporting cylinders on the wheel and then alter the cylinders to have a scalloped shape. Another alteration I would like to play with is an adjustment to the shape of the rims of the bowls, such as making them have spouts to guide the water rather than the smooth edge pictured above. Something neat I could do would be carving dragons onto the supporting cylinders, or the inside or outside of each bowl. (Keep in mind, though, that the outsides of the upper bowls will have water pouring over them when the fountain is in action, so carvings there may not be visible.)
           Another fountain shape that I think would be fun is this one:

            This fountain, unlike the first one, has a distinct front and back. The outside shell sweeps up protectively to contain the fountain area. The inside egg or globe shape would have ridges on the surface that would agitate the water as it flows down into the reservoir. In this sketch I show a dragon design carved into the surface, as well as some of the ridges. This could be done with a different dragon design, perhaps with one elaborate Chinese-style dragon, or a phoenix. Or if you are not interested in imagery, the inside globe could just be textured.
           A variation on this design is this, and it might be my favorite:

            In this version, I am changing the shell part so that the inside part is emerging from it rather than enclosed within it. The outside shell will be carved into swirling wave-like shapes that are pierced in places to reveal the flowing water behind. This fountain is less directional than the one above, since the running water will be visible from all sides. The water will pool at the top of the interior globe before spilling out over it. I am thinking that the outside shell would be a light color and the inside globe would be a dark color so that the water flows down and then disappears into the reservoir.
            A translation of the relevant parts of my scribble-y notes from the sketch: I think some sea glass or stones in the upper reservoir would look pretty awesome. The surface of the interior globe would have a ridged texture, and a dark glaze, while the outside shell area would be lighter in color and smooth for contrast.
            When you receive your fountain, it will be packed in the safest way I can arrange. This means it most likely will be in separate parts, and I will provide instructions (with sketches) for how to put it together. Included will be a pump that is an appropriate size and power for your fountain, and I will have tested the piece to ensure that it functions as promised. In fact, I'll probably be so excited when it comes out of the kiln that I'll take lots of pictures and post them here on my blog so that you can see it before it arrives!
            (If you do not want me to post pictures of your reward on my blog, just let me know with an email and I'll honor your wishes. I can certainly email you the pictures if you'd like a sneak preview, though! This is true of all reward levels.)

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