Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fireproofing update: cinder blocks have been acquired!

            Yesterday it rained all day, sometimes drizzling and sometimes pouring, so we waited until today to go pick up more supplies. Nobody wants to lug around concrete blocks in the rain. Today has been nice and sunny, though, so off to the hardware store we went!
            Sweeping! You should always wear a respirator when you sweep in a ceramics studio. Silica is very bad for lungs.

            I wanted to get all the sawdust off the floor before putting down the concrete blocks. The less flammable stuff, the better! Then it was time to unload the car. This is how we got the blocks in and out of the car:

            Then I laid the first block!

            These pictures are a little misleading. They make it look like I did all the work, but we are an egalitarian household here and Mr. Riverdragon put down half of the blocks. He also took the pictures, except the one that has both of us. (That was Mr. Riverdragon's mom.)
            You can see that we aren't finished yet. Those blocks are heavy and we didn't want to overload the car, so we'll be picking up the rest of them in the next few days, and then putting up the cement board on the wall there under the windows. You can expect another update when that happens.

            Wondering why I'm writing about cinder blocks instead of pots? Go look at my Kickstarter project, and then tell all your friends and acquaintances about it!


  1. I have a question about the $50 pledge for your Kickstarter - you say that starting at $65 and up you'll use another design at the buyer's request. Would you make a pair of mugs at the $50 level that incorporated both dragon and plant imagery, for instance? Or is it dragons all the way down? Your work looks lovely!

  2. The $50 pledge level is entirely customized. You can ask for any design you want, and I'd be happy to make two mugs with dragons and plants for that pledge level. You can even tell me what color(s) you'd prefer! I'm glad to hear that you like my work.

  3. That sounds great! Pledge made. :-) Will look forward to discussing the designs with you when you make your goal!

  4. I'm not seeing your pledge... did you pledge under a different name? No need to share what it is here, I just wanted to make sure it went through. :)