Saturday, September 1, 2012

The kiln space is ready to go!

            All it needs is the kiln! Here are some progress pictures. We had to score the cement board with a razor:

            Dandy, my 15-years-and-11-months-old dog, decided she had to see what was going on:

            Really at that part of the process I was wearing more face protection than was necessary, but it was a good idea for the next part:

            For the most part, we were able to get a clean break, although there was one smaller piece that ended up not perfectly square because it refused to cooperate and we got annoyed at it. Here's a picture of me driving the first nail, and then the last nail. Mr. Riverdragon did most of the nails in between.

            Then Mr. Riverdragon took a break and I put down the rest of the cinder blocks. Hooray! All done!

            So if you just imagine that instead of Dandy and me in the middle, there's a kiln, you've got a pretty good idea how it'll look.

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