Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work in progress: bowls for Kickstarter

            I've started making your rewards. These are future swirl bowls that I threw this morning with my nice new porcelain:

            For those unfamiliar with how to make bowls, this is not what they will end up looking like. Bowls are thrown with extra clay around the bottom area, and then later I will trim away the excess so that the outside shape matches the inside shape.
            This clay is cone 6 porcelain # 15, made by Laguna. I've never used it before today; so far it's super duper! It does seem to be a bit thixotropic, but if I just bang it on the table a couple times it gets nice and soft, so that's ok. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks fired. It's advertised to be translucent, so I'll be making a very thin test tile to see what that looks like.
            Many folks seem to have a love-hate relationship with porcelain. I personally think porcelain is great to work with. It does what I want it to and it's smooth and pretty. How could it get any better?

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