Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things in the barn-studio

            The barn-studio, being a barn, also happens to have a loft. The loft is sort of the place where I put all the stuff that was in the way when I first started setting up my studio space. It's kind of annoying to get up into it when holding something, because it has a ladder rather than a staircase. But it's nice to have the storage space.
            Anyway, I discovered that taking pictures of the studio below from up in the loft is kind of fun. Here is a picture of my wheel plus the ladder into the loft, and a picture of the kiln area with no kiln, but two cat carriers and a fan.

            It's traditional to have some kind of kiln god or kiln charm to encourage glaze firings to go well. I'm not superstitious, but we just happened to have a horseshoe knocking about, so I gave it something to do.

            This horseshoe was found on the property by Mr. Riverdragon and his mom when they first bought the house. It looks to me like it belonged to a draft horse. There was some attempt to affix it to the outside of the barn, but it never really stayed put. I'm hoping that it can have a better home above my kiln (and that it won't punish me for a poor glazing job by falling on my head).
            I also have a bell now! I hung it just inside the door, and I'm hoping it will ring when it's windy. I like to keep the doors open when I'm working. We'll see whether it's a pleasant companion, or I find it annoying.

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