Monday, September 10, 2012


            On Saturday I took a trip to Portland to have a look around at Portland Pottery, which is where I'm planning to get my clay and glazes. It's a long drive, but I wanted to go in person and see the glazes and clays available.
            I also picked up some tools:

            Tiny brushes; I've needed some of these for a while now. It really helps to have small enough brushes to make tiny dragon eyes and claws and whiskers. I've been fighting with too-large brushes, and it's annoying. Now I'm all set!
            A tiny trimming tool; similarly to the brushes, when you need a smaller tool to make a smaller corner, the bigger tools just don't do the job. I like to make a deep corner between the foot and the bowl/plate, because it adds an extra shadow there and makes a nice separation between the parts. It's also a way to encourage glaze to pool a little.
            And a big sponge; there's a lot of cleaning in a ceramics studio that needs a big sponge, so now I have one!
            I did get some clay - a box of porcelain. I also asked them to order in some interesting red clay I'd like to try out, so that's exciting. I also noticed that they have some pretty dark brown clays that I might want to try in the future.
            I'm still thinking about the glazes I saw. Those of you who are wanting scarlet red may just be in luck; it looks like there are some options in commercial glazes for that. I thought there would be. I'll be giving one or two of them a try when the kiln arrives.
            There's also a very handsome brown I'll almost certainly get and make into a standard glaze in my studio. "Brown, that doesn't sound exciting," you might think, but really, brown glazes can be super awesome. (Unless you just don't like brown. I do know a potter who is of that opinion.)
            I promise there will be pictures of pots here again soon-ish! With 98 pledges on my Kickstarter, I'm going to be a very busy potter this fall and winter, so there will be lots of pictures to go along with that.

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