Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally, the kiln is installed!

            It seems as though each step involved with getting the kiln and getting it installed took an extra couple of weeks beyond my original estimate. But at last, we are wired up and ready to go!
            The electrician came this morning and installed the kiln. I'm going to do the test firing tonight, and if all goes as planned, then I'll finally be able bisque fire all the lovely pots and dragon sculptures that are hanging around the house. And then I'll be taking off to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I don't think I'll have enough time to push through a glaze firing before then, but we'll see how it goes!
            After Thanksgiving, things will get super extra busy around here, and I expect to be firing often to get your rewards out as soon as possible. I have a glossy translucent red glaze that looks promising. Many of you requested red, so this particular glaze is of special interest. I have a number of greens to test as well. I'm still deliberating about some of the other glaze options. It's hard to choose, because I want to try everything! Thanks to my backers from the Kickstarter project, I can try out more glazes than I originally planned to, since we hurtled past the goal and kept going. Hooray!

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