Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Throwing big

            This is the reason it is more important to me to have a kiln that is wide than one that is tall:

            This bowl is 12.5 inches in diameter, my biggest bowl yet! (Although not my largest thrown object.) My kiln is 28 inches wide, so I'm planning to keep working up until I can barely fit them in the kiln. I'm very pleased with this bowl, and I could tell when I was throwing it that I wasn't pushing my limits - it was easy. Sometimes when I'm trying something new with throwing, the clay just seems to know what I want from it, and that was the case with this piece. I love throwing bowls, so I couldn't be more delighted that I'm already capable of expanding my repertoire to include extra large ones. 
            I had Mr. Riverdragon take some pictures while I was throwing so you could get a more complete experience of the event.

            Next step for this bowl is drying slowly to leather hard, then trimming. Once I've trimmed it, I'll be carving a ripply pattern in the space between the two lines on the inside. I have my eye on a green glaze called "Seaweed" that looks like it would run and drip nicely over such a pattern. 

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