Thursday, November 22, 2012

First bisque!

            As soon as I was able to unload the test firing and assess the results, I loaded the kiln up for a bisque! This was much more exciting to me because I was able to put actual work in the kiln... it's more fun to fire my pieces than to fire a couple cone packs. The bisque was a success, too. I made some test tiles out of the three different clays I'm using, and when I do my first real glaze firing they'll be in there with glazes on them. I'll be posting pictures here with the results for all to see.
            For now, here are some pictures of bisqued work. First shelf:

            Second shelf:

            Some little dragons:

            And a cup with a cuttlefish that I'm particularly happy with:

            I think that this cuttlefish is going to be pale green, and the water around him will probably be a darker green. I also think I'm going to make a bunch more cups, and likely other dishes, with cuttlefish in this style on them. I really enjoyed making the little guy, so it would be fun to make him some friends.


  1. Ooh! Is one of those vases mine? :D
    I love the cuttlefish so much!

  2. Your vase is in progress! I'll be doing another bisque very soon, and it will be in there. I'm glad you like the cuttlefish.

  3. The cuttlefish is adorable!!! I love cuttlefish!

  4. :) It makes me happy that so many people like the cuttlefish! I'm rather fond of it. I'll have to make some more like it. This fellow will be showing up in my Etsy shop after the next glaze firing.

  5. Regarding the dragon fellow (?) lying on his/her back... what a wonderful playfulness! I look forward to when their playground extends to my bookshelf!