Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glaze firing unloaded tonight!

            I know I've been a little absent around here the last few weeks. That's because I've been getting a lot of Kickstarter orders made and fired! I'll be shipping out approximately 30 rewards later this week.
            I just unloaded the kiln this evening. The kiln was 190 degrees (Farenheit), but the temperature in the barn was about 6 degrees. So I was all bundled up for the unloading, to protect my hands from the hot pots and my ears from the cold air.
            Good news this firing! No losses - I was able to modify my glazing procedures to deal with the runny glazes that got me last time. And I'm very happy with just about every piece in the kiln. A few of these things will go to my Etsy shop, but most of them will be shipping out to their rightful owners as soon as I've photographed them for my portfolio.
            So this post is a bit of a teaser, because I won't have photos of individual pieces for you until tomorrow, but here are a few shots of the kiln as I was unloading it.

            In the top picture: some vases, a giant serving bowl, a carved serving plate/bowl, a dragon with a top hat, a swirl bowl, and a nice looking cone pack. (Also some kiln posts to fill the empty space - I like to think it helps the kiln to fire evenly when it is loaded evenly.)
            In the middle picture, the pots with red glaze were all on the same shelf since that glaze is known to spit on other pots during firing. We have two dragon egg vases, a red and white serving bowl with dragon carvings, a chocolate and red serving bowl, and a big soup bowl, also chocolate and red.
            In the last picture, we have some green and blue swirl bowls, and some little red dragons. Oddly enough, everybody wanted green and/or blue for the swirl bowls, so there you have it! The swirls are a sort of teal blue against the pale green.
            More pictures to come in the next few days!

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