Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swirl bowls, green and blue

            There were so many pieces in this firing that I'm making several posts about them. First up are swirl bowls!
            These are the swirl bowls that were ordered from my Kickstarter project. Everyone asked for green, blue, or both, so I glazed all six bowls with blue swirls on green. There is some variation in color from one bowl to another, so some of the swirls are more teal, and others are more blue. 

            There is also variation in the shape of the swirl. I glaze these by hand, like everything else I make. The swirls look different depending on how much glaze I use, and how I move my hand as I swish the glaze around to make the shape.  

            I like taking pictures of multiple bowls together. It makes for more interesting compositions. 

            These bowls are porcelain, fired to cone 6 in oxidation. The glaze is a zinc-free clear glaze with two green Mason stains mixed in to make the green color. They ring when you tap on the rim with your knuckle. These bowls aren't really translucent, although if you are determined and have a bright flashlight and a dim room, you can make a glowing spot appear where the light is strongest.
            I'm pleased with this green. I like the color, and the clear glaze is an excellent base for what I'd like to do with it. I'm thinking that textured dishes would look great with this glaze. The two Mason stains I used are called "Bermuda" and "True Celadon." The "True Celadon" does not look like celadon to me at all; it is too dark. But it tames the bright "Bermuda" nicely to produce this leaf-green.

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