Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny bowls with dragons!

            These are most of the four-inch bowls that were ordered through the Kickstarter project. I made extras, which will appear on Etsy at a slightly higher price than they were for Kickstarter.
            First are the Western dragons:

            Then the Eastern-ish dragons:

            I also made a couple of tiny mushroom bowls while I was at it:

            All of the bowls in this post were made the same way. I threw them on the wheel, then trimmed them, then brushed black slip only on the insides. Then I carved the images through the black slip, let them all dry, and bisque fired them. I glazed them with my zinc-free clear glaze, and fired them to cone 6 in oxidation. They are not very translucent, although if you are determined, you can make them glow a little in a dim room with a bright flashlight. It was my intent to make them sturdy and easy to use, rather than delicate.


  1. Like the dragon bowls. What is the volume of one of these bowls (roughly)?

  2. Thank you! They hold between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of water filled to the brim. The mushroom bowls hold somewhat less than that.