Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday traveling dragons: kitten in the box!

            While I was photographing the small dragons from this firing, our new kitten climbed in the lightbox with the dragons. She wanted to know what I was playing with in there!

            She decided that they weren't edible, didn't make jingly or crinkly noises, and that if I was going to insist on playing with them, she'd just have to sit in the lightbox too so at least I'd pet her.

            The kitten's name is Warbear, and we just brought her home from the shelter three and a half weeks ago. She's about 3.5 months old. So far, she thinks porcelain is fun to stick her paws in, and is very polite about stepping around pots on tables.


  1. cats are always so curious, how sweet your warbear is

  2. Thank you! She's technically Mr. Riverdragon's kitten, but she's very attached to both of us already, so we are sharing her. :) I'm going to have to put up a sign on my studio door, "Beware the cat! She might love you to death."